Author Topic: What other HQ celeb forums do you use?  (Read 2663 times)


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What other HQ celeb forums do you use?
« on: April 16, 2012, 08:45:17 PM »
Many people on this planet would give anything to see yvonne strahovski nude but that's pretty much for them. Besides, why would you need to give up something where you can find them right here on this website? Now if you allow me, I'll start my review.

Well, what else you want to do here. Oh, I know... How about a quote from her? Here it is. "I don't really care what I'm famous for." If you believed in that crap, I say you are just one of those silly and blind fans of her that don't want to look in the eyes of reality. I bet deep inside you want to know why she is popular but don't know why exactly. Almost the same thing is with Jess, but only she knows exactly why people made her celebrity. It is pretty embarrassing for her to accept that. Let me explain that to you.

Let's say she has about one million of fans sharp. Now if you take away those people (men and women) that only love kim kardashian tits and watch her sexy body, you will realized that the major part of her fans has disappeared and all she left will be about two hundred thousand fans. Now you know what makes her being so popular, don't you? But let me tell you gemma arterton nude, you should be proud that most people like you for the way you look and not for your songs because most of them are a crap to me.

Ask yourself right now whether you want to see some mila kunis porn because on this website you won't find anything else besides them. But actually, I will put right here a few interesting stories and facts about her just for your entertainment.

It is obvious that jennifer coolidge nude doesn't seem to be pretty smart. But she is not stupid either. Here is her quotation. "She goes with me everywhere. It's preparing me to be a mother, I think." This is what Jess said about her dog. Man, I am so sick with reading all those stuff about celebrity pets. They are doing with them whatever they want and they treat them as people. This is pretty selfish because first of all if you think that your dog will appreciate five hundred dollar collar, you are wrong. She or he won't care about this. Conversely, you pet would appreciate if you just take it off.

Many celebrities love their pets and they try to make them look good and sometimes they treat them like babies. I can't say this is good because I cannot see anything good at that. If you do, then please let me know. I have a cat, so what? I am not telling you how much I love it because first of all that would sound like gay and second of all, there is no need for you to know such private things. Anyhow, just look at all these photos of sophia bush nude all over this website because it would be the right thing to do.

Well, here we are again. Don't you think it is nice to meet you somewhere else on the other website? I think it is just great. This time I have jennifer garner nude right here so you'd better follow me if only you want them to check.

I don't want to get it personal or something, but I think she is not very smart. Anyhow, let's see this quote by our sexy girl. "I want to be a diva... like people-totally-respect-my-music diva" And I want to see emma watson nude in my room but I don't say that at loud. Why, because I keep all private and unrealistic dreams with me. Of course I have just shared that information with you but this is an exception. The point is not what you want, it is about what you can reach. That's what I want you to realize right here.

The other thing is if she wants people start taking her seriously and stop just recognize her by rhona mitra nude, she has to cross the line already and become a natural singer. Ask anybody who doesn't know who she is and show them her picture... They will tell you this is some kind of porn star or a model and actress, but not singer. To be honest I don't remember any other female singer who could have these big boobs from nature. Actually, I don't even want some kind of other woman to appear on stage and that had this breast.

Hey, what a nice day outside there. Just have a look. Come one, grab your ass and look in your window. But if you that lazy like I am then just watch my amazing photos of emma watson nude that I have got right here.

My sense of humor is way much more developed than Jess's. But let's give her a chance to rehabilitate and listen to that unfunny quote. "Dumb is just not knowing." I was laughing so much when I read this one. This is the stupidest an excuse for being dumb. I haven't heard anything like it ever. She claims that being dumb is related with not knowing some things, right? Partially, I can agree with that because Jess doesn't know a lot. But in her case I would call being dumb is not just not knowing... it is not knowing that you have to know some major things everybody else knows. This is what about staying dumb. But all we need is to se dakota fanning naked and not her brain, so I guess this is not that big problem.

If you realized that you don't know a lot in this world and everybody else think you are stupid, would you like to prove that they wrong? Of course you might say that you are not celebrity and if about 2o people think that this is ok. Then please tell me why reese witherspoon naked, who has about a million fans that think she is stupid, doesn't even want to try to improve that. This is some kind of unknown fact.

This is something really crazy. If you still don't know what the hell I'm saying then why don't you just look at some nice photos of catherine bell naked and see for yourself?

Besides watching her boobs, checkout one quote by Jess. "Ditzy means having the courage to ask! Ditzy is not editing yourself." I guess she confuses the word dump and ditzy. Why? Simply because she doesn't know what it is like to be smart. I think all of her fans know that but they don't give a damn about it. We love her not for her mind and ability to think because if we did, I don't think there would be many people who liked her.

All we need is to see jessica simpson sex tape which is what exactly this website is offering to you. She probably knows that being smart is not her forte. But who can tell me why she doesn't ever try to change these things and prove us that we're wrong? I'll tell you why... Just because of the fact that she is gorgeous and a lot of men know that and like her a lot. Jess knows this and she is using that as her tool for charming people. Some of us are good at being smart and some are just hot as her. Don't be jealous to this girl and don't show her your compassion because not all people can be brainy like you.

That is the end of my finest review and I hope you are going to be happy after that.