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How Can You Spot a Good T-shirt?

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The weather is hot as hell so you're looking to step out on a t-shirt. But you don't have them in your closet so you're looking to stock up on some short sleeve t-shirts that will allow you look great without feeling hot. You should know that there are dozens of brands that make very poor t-shirts and if you're looking to get good value for your money, then there are some things to have in mind. From whether they have great blouse patterns or the quality of the fabric, you need to know how to find the perfect t-shirt for your wardrobe.
The production process.
The first thing to know about poorly-made short sleeve t-shirts or even other styles of t-shirts is that they are usually produced from a mixture of man-made fiber and cotton or just 30s cotton. They are also knitted on poorly maintained machines which make the knits loose because the manufacturers are trying to save cost.

It doesn't shrink.
After washing, a good t-shirt does not shrink neither does it twist in several places like most other t-shirts do. The shape also remains intact after doing the laundry and so does the color.
The fabric.
When you hold a good t-shirt, you'll find that the fabric feels more refined and has a generally finer look. You won't find twisted neck bindings and they are symmetrical. The length of the stiches is also shorter and neater and the labels will be neatly attached without loose threads here and there.
The feel.
A good t-shirt will feel lighter and smoother than poorly-made ones.
A good t-shirt endures.
What we mean is that it gets better with time as you use it, provided you keep it in good care and condition. The fabric also gets softer with time. The reason is that good t-shirts are designed specifically for the purpose of being worn again and again and essentially being a staple product.

Then, the design.
This is really critical. Some of the best t-shirts are designed with a slim-fit style that ensures that as the body moves, the t-shirt moves with you. This means that you hardly notice that you have a t-shirt on. The fabric isn't loose and you won't find pulling around the shoulders and armholes.
Now you're at the store, what do you look out for?
When you're going to buy a t-shirt at the store, the first thing that should interest you is how the fabric feels and looks. You are likely to find better quality if the cotton is as smooth as it can be. 

Then take note of the t-shirt's make-up. Women are likely to be interested in the blouse patterns and designs. Look out for whether the t-shirt looks symmetrical. Note whether the label is properly stitched in or if this was done shabbily. If it's a shabby job from all you can see, then you already have an idea of the overall quality.

Then try it on to make sure the fit is right for your body. This actually depends on what style you're going for; fitted or loose. If you try it on and it doesn't feel comfortable enough according to your intended style, then you probably shouldn't get it.
These days, it has become increasingly difficult to find a good pair of t-shirts which is why you should definitely keep these tips in mind next time you go shopping for them.

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