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วิธีพับถูกขนมแบบเลย์ ที่กินไม่หมด เก็บไว้กินต่อ เป็นแล้วชอบก็เลยแบ่ง (คลิป)

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ก็ง่ายๆเลย เวลากินเลย์ถูกใหญ่ไม่หมด ก็พับปากถูงลงสามสี่ชั้น
แล้วบิดพลิกกลับมาอีกด้านหนึ่ง เก็บไว้กินต่อได้สบายๆ ชอบๆ

ดีมากเลย่าครับ เดี๋ยวผมจะต้องเอาไปทำตามบ้างเเล้ว

Try which is very easy to install, download and redeem. Use of it is also simple and the user can learn the use of it easily. Online Support&help option is also available in all application which provides an instant guideline. Microsoft Office Setup is the complete bundle of Microsoft  programs as it takes to the a variety of jobs, servers, and affiliations like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, and Access.


A progressing Microsoft statement gives some comprehension of how the association designs the landing of new Office 365 ProPlus features. Microsoft uses the equivalent "channels" language for MS Office 365 ProPlus incorporates revives as it does with Windows 10 feature invigorates. To activate office setup you need to visit  where you can find what all you can do on office setup.


office Remote turns your phone into a smart remote that interacts with Microsoft Office on your PC. The app lets you control Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from across the room, so you can walk around freely during presentations. You will use your Microsoft account for everything you do with Office . If you use a Microsoft service, such as, OneDrive, Xbox Live, or Skype, you already have an account.


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